Tarot Cards

A Tarot Card Reading
(but not your typical tarot reading)

I use tarot cards to do readings.

Tarot cards, or any object used to access the intel from awareness, are just tools; specifically focusing tools.

I present my findings written, or as literary work because I’m (more or less) an automatic writer which is ironic, because I’m a bad speller and even worse typist. In fact between my spelling and typing deficits spell check is rendered useless to me (and frequently sends me the error message of WTF). But whatever this is how it works for me, and I’ve finally stop fighting it like a child fights going to bed.

I use tarot cards as a kind of tipping point, and then write what I see. Not about the tarot cards themselves (who cares about the focusing tool?) but about your life. The life that runs beneath the life you’re living on the outside. Like where you are now, what you’re grappling with, and how to resolve issues quickly. Quickly; well that’s a bit of misnomer because the speed in which a problem is resolved is directly related to, 1) your awareness and, 2) your ability to confront yourself.

And that takes courage, and typically, practice.

The Do's and Don'ts of an Intuitive Reading


Are you feeling stuck? Has a repeated behaviour (finally) penetrated your consciousness but you don’t know why the pattern keeps happening? Have dreams that seem important but you can’t quite understand the portent? Do you feel like you’re never going to get where you want to go? Do you keep encountering the same people in your life that you don’t want? Feel sad, numb, or angry? Contact me I’ve got something for you.

I’m here for you and will share the reasons you’re having trouble; and how to walk right out of them. Together the clouds will clear dissipating the chaos of your outer life to reveal the deep peace you have within—just beneath all the useless noise and drama.


Looking for your soulmate; wondering if you’re coming into money? Want the name of your spirit guide? Or have you been wondering if a dead relative is watching over you?

If you want to know the answers to these and other burning questions then I am not your person.

But I can tell you this—you're never alone, you are completely taken care of and supported in your every desire. You are so loved and your remembering of these facts is available to you any time you’re ready. Ask me how.

"If you skim the surface of life you’ll never plumb the depths"

An Ottawa Tarot Card Reading: What's involved

Tarot cards much like a person’s name and/or age are focus or anchoring devises and unimportant in and of themselves. Similarly “cutting the deck” is only an engagement strategy meant to ease the client.

Readings are not of the mind so stilling thoughts are essential. In stillness I begin to understand what you’re dealing with and why, then, what you can do about it if you want too.

I divide the information chunking it into paragraph form. I then give you a kind of to-do list. This takes about an hour and I do this alone.

Then I take the appointment with you.

When the appointment time arrives you’re free to speak your mind but it won’t change what I wrote. Or you can say nothing and I’ll talk; either way listening deeply helps us both.

The point of a tarot card reading, for me anyway, is to help you resolve and move past pain, confusion, trepidation and fear. It’s you acquiring a fresh understanding and moving forward with renewed energy—upon a cleared path.

When the call concludes I use time to edit my writing (about you) a bit. Then I email it to you and having this time to reflect over what I’ve written will help you even more.

Oftentimes talking about the underground sea of misery we haven’t been able to allow into our consciousness allows us a deeper understanding and compassion for ourselves. A candid tarot reading can change your perspective considerably and interestingly only subtle shifts are necessary to bring about significant improvements in your life.

I am direct and speak plainly—with humour and kindness because it’s only through compassion that I’m able to see anything at all anyway. I have a great love inside of me—that extends to you and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Call me, or use the contact form and let’s chat. A shared load is a lighter load. :0)

The Purpose of an Ottawa Intuitive Reading

For my own part, the purpose of an intuitive reading is to provide compassionate insight offering clarity into why a situation, repeating patterns or behaviors, may be adversely affecting your life.

My job is to help you understand that awareness belongs to each of us and if you want to learn how your unique strengths can help instead of hinder then I’ll share that with you.

For your part, it takes things like the ability to change; to acknowledge, to allow and to accept oneself. If you can do any of those things relief from suffering happens quickly. If you struggle with any of these things (and who doesn’t from time to time) life slows or becomes downright repetitive. Does this sound familiar?

Yeah, we can be aware of a lot without being conscious of it.

With clarity and understanding confusion, conflict, sadness, a sense of being stuck; or perhaps not knowing which way to turn soon dissolves.

Seeing an old pattern in a new way gives us a remarkable ability to recover from emotional shock, trauma, grief or anything else that’s kept you standing in one stop—stagnating and stopping you from successful forward motion.

Things in our lives aren’t random but nor are they meant to be. And that tired old adage of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is incorrect as well. The huge number of walking wounded in this world tells us at least that. These and other empty platitudes have simply endured because there are few amongst us that have the courage and maturity to know the truth about anything, including themselves.

And don’t kid yourself, surviving is not living. Surviving is more like an endurance test with all the joy squeezed out. That’s not living, that’s suffering; where we’re so removed from ourselves that most can’t tell the difference—and there’s no need for this whatsoever.

If you want to let go of the pain in your life, you’ll not only learn to accept the truth you’ll seek it out and find it because there’s nothing stopping you—except you.

A Thing about Fear and Readings

My memories are older than I am and I want you to know I’ve never, not once, seen anything scary, ugly, unattractive or monstrous while in the full of awareness. The things that create fear, and contribute to it, all hail from the realm of consciousness. Fear lives nowhere else. Anyone who would tell you differently is operating from the same consciousness (and not awareness) and their own distorted belief system.

When you’re ready to accept the whole of who you are, you’ll realize you have the power, and have had the power all along. That power is compassion—for yourself—and others.

Contact me today for when knowledge from awareness penetrates consciousness the winds around you shift, revealing clear skies ahead.

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