Sacred Craft

Story Telling Ragdolls: Awareness Expands Compassion and Kindness

My approach to life is balanced between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is the birthplace of all creativity. Everything I create in life whether my craft, relationships, work, or raising my children stem from awareness.

The ragdolls come from there too and use my thoughts to tell their stories.

Storied Ragdolls Promote Awareness

I’m a ragdoll maker, amongst other things, and I allow each ragdoll to come through me to share their own stories with compassion and wisdom. The ragdolls love storytelling; live around my house, in dollhouses or on dollhouse furniture, and whisper in my ear.

Almost all ragdolls belong to one tribe or another (and all of their own making) sharing their individual and collective wisdom which is meant to be shared within and without the Sacred Craft community.

There’s a devoted artist in everyone—that only requires awareness to know

In a larger story my ragdolls inhabit a world called the Dolliverse. Unlike our world, which is entirely consciousness-driven, theirs is a world built on trust, through awareness, without hierarchy, comparison or competition. They unite as one whether individual, within their specific tribe, or collectively with others.

All are equal in the Dolliverse, regardless of shape, colour or size, for truth is a pathless land. All are connected through the awareness of the divine compassion that created them. Rules don’t exist here because rules were created to feel safe; divide and conquer, and above all to exclude. In the dolliverse there is nothing to fear, and because they’re not afraid there is no one to forcefully dominate; and no one is recognized as “other”.

I never played with dolls as a child. Dolls to me always seemed, somehow frozen and limited. So no one was more surprised than me when I finally allowed what was in me for years to come through. Just like I felt my daughter Elle around me for years before she did.

How could I equate creating a ragdoll with giving birth? Because when I finally succumbed and began making them in earnest they actually birthed me. I was the one who had become frozen and limited.

So, now I listen carefully so that life is restored for all those who care to know their true nature. My ragdolls speak from the deepest and widest places in us all.

“Everyone’s creative there are no exceptions. The only difference between those who know it and those who don’t is the latters refusal to allow that which is life to flow into what they think is living.”