April 5, 2019
a man wearing a hoodie with arms crossed and staring down, stands in front of a blackboard where a chalk drawing of a mans muscled arms are behind

The Consequences of Choice

All choices have consequences but some expand power while others, diminish it sometimes causing us to use other means of communicating. Learn to differentiate between power and the use of force in your life.
April 18, 2019
Three white beach pebbles balanced by graduated size on a brown sandy beach with a blue ocean in the background

Micro meditation means fast results

How soon will I see results? The short answer is immediately. In one breath. The first time. The explanation is but, not in the way you’d expect. Here’s an example you might relate too. You know when you do a good deed and the old simile goes, “when you do a good deed you’re repaid in kind”? It doesn’t mean the person you did a good deed for is going to repay you. It means other good things will now come your way—in time. The effect of which, begins to […]