Mystical Engineer

I’m one part mystical engineer and one part sacred crafter.

When I have my ME hat on I write from a place of awareness. I sit down at the computer and breathe; then write. I’m not creating content per se, I sit down with an idea and allow that which is to translate itself into words. Then, words occupy the page and I trust the information to order itself sensibly.

I never know where the words are headed but the more love and compassion I feel the more the words clamour for space on the screen of my laptop. The words tell the truth, sometimes as metaphor sometimes literally—but it’s always the truth—the truth of me.

To ignore this about myself is painful. I know because I’ve tried to do for years. I’ve learned the hard way (is there any other?) to let myself be; expanding and contracting with the peace writing brings me.

What do I write about when I have my ME hat on? Things often perceived by others as mystical or spiritual but it’s all just the compassion of energy to me.