Mystical Engineer

I’m one part mystical engineer (ME) and one part sacred crafter and that equals the whole of me.

When I have my ME hat on I write from a place of awareness. I start with an idea and allow that which is to translate into words. I trust the information to order itself sensibly, and it does.

I never know where an idea will head only that compassion and the release of pain are overarching themes. The story, sometimes metaphor, sometimes nonfiction—is always the truth though; the truth of me and you together.

To ignore this about myself is painful. I know because I’ve tried for years learning the hard way (is there any other) that there’s a sacred order to life, and living in peace and that life doesn’t care if you’re young or old, the order and what is asked of you is the same everyone. Here’s the first few:

  1. To become Aware
  2. To Acknowledge
  3. To Accept
  4. To Act

To deny awareness, refuse acknowledgement; to not accept, to run instead of act, is a type of lying or denial that causes an arrested development.

This happens not as some cosmic punishment but as a direct consequence of an abdication of self; of a choice that might have been sound at the time, but no longer serves. If you abdicate again at this juncture, when it no longer serves you, you will begin to really suffer.

No one has to live this way.

The topics I write about may seem spiritual to some but it isn’t that to me. I see almost everything from an energetic perspective that at its core is compassion, which BTW is the same as saying compassion is at the core of our DNA (which it is).

Everything you’ll find here is geared toward healing what hurts, realizing peace is already within you, and learning how to following yourself for to live with maturity, power and peace it’s essential to grasp the true nature of who and what you are, which is awareness and consciousness together; seamlessly separate yet equal parts intrinsically wedded.

To live an awakened life is knowing awareness penetrates and consciousness recreates; in all aspects of heath; for better parenting, and in the largest sense of the word; for compassionate partnering, with yourself and others, and for a people with the power to safeguard the earth.

Note: We’re all kind of parents (whether we have children or not) for ourselves, to our children, and for others. Farther reaching we’re the custodians of a our planet.

What I do, share and teach won’t resonate with everyone, I get that but if you’re about living from a place of awareness, joy and peace; want to learn micro-meditation, self-compassion, intuition or dream analysis (that actually works) then welcome. I’m really glad you’re here. :0)

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