The Monogamy of ONE

Being true to yourself first–the real definition of Holy matrimony.

March 22, 2017

Don’t be a Jerry Maguire: You’re Whole Already

Did You Get the Perfect Relationship? Have you ever (however fleetingly) thought what life would have been like if you’d been with someone else instead of the one you’re with? For some this is a constant question, always wondering what it would be like to “trade up”. Still others might view relationships like a perpetual Easter egg hunt; always on the look-out for the next one. How about good old Jerry, his epic desperately uttered lines of “you complete me” where one half is always limping along looking for the other […]
April 13, 2017
Children playing hide and seek in a park in the fall.

Discovering Hidden Parts of Self Through Awareness

Hide and Seek is Only Fun When Someone Finds You We all have our favourite emotional hiding spots. The “best” ones are the activities, vices or jobs that make us forget we’re hiding in the first place. In the past I’ve sometimes referred to myself as, Hiding in Plain View, and I was. For years I was kind of like the “lights are on but no one’s home”, person but dragging myself from place to place was not the highest commitment I could have made. At first I didn’t know […]